DESE (MO Department of Elementary and Secondary Education) released a Test to Stay Option that enables a close school contact to continue activities during the quarantine period through participation in frequent testing. The Test to Stay Option provides an additional option for schools to use to help keep students in the classroom. 

The District will follow the 10/8/21 DHSS (Department of Health and Senior Services) and DESE updates to the Missouri School Covid-19 Operating Guidance document (click here to view full document). The section regarding guidance for assessing exposures and recommendations regarding quarantine of close contacts includes the following key updates/additions: 

  • Three tests must be completed within the first seven days and a test must be completed the day of an extracurricular activity. 

  • The District is able to provide tests for students of willing parents and staff as long as the DESE provided testing kits are available. 

  • The following DHSS/DESE graphic and flowchart resources describe the recommended scenario-based options for quarantine as outlined in the updated guidance document. 

The Test to Stay Option will be available in the Monett School District beginning Tuesday, October 26, 2021. Please note that the Test to Stay Option pertains only to Covid-19 school contacts, not at-home contacts. 

If you have any questions, please call your child's school office or nurse. 

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