MOCAP - Missouri Course Access and Monett Virtual Instruction Program

Monett School District offers Virtual Instruction as an educational opportunity for students. Families requesting to enroll in Virtual Instruction must complete the Virtual Courses Request to Enroll Form by August 7 for the fall semester and December 7 for the spring semester. The form can be found in the main office of each school and on the district website. Once the enrollment form is completed, the parents will schedule a meeting with the building administrator and sign a learning contract. The student must meet specific criteria to enroll in virtual instruction. Students will complete assignments and tasks, as assigned, and must make adequate progress in order to remain in the Virtual Instruction program.

Families who choose virtual instruction must understand that their student will not be able to participate in co-curricular or extracurricular activities. In consultation with the principal, the counselor will create a schedule that balances the individual needs of virtual instruction with building needs of face-to-face instruction.