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  • Parent Involvement

     Childhood is an amazing period in our human development. Students learn how to connect letters and sounds to read complex text, how to play and share with other students, and discover how to solve complex problems. School can have a profound effect on assisting students with their developmental learning milestones; however, combining school activities with parent involvement activities strengthens our effect and demonstrates an increased daily attendance, and, ultimately, better student achievement.

     When parents are involved in their school community by attending parent conferences, or cheering on the Cubs at local events, students take a more active role in their learning. Parent involvement communicates that school is valued and that the work being completed is worthy of our time and attention. Nothing is more powerful than creating a positive partnership with your child’s teacher to create an unbreakable learning bond between home and school. Once students see school and home on the same page and working together, kids are more motivated to take their learning to the next level. We want to thank you for being involved, showing your support, and attending our parent involvement activities.

     To promote and enrich our parent involvement opportunities, we are gathering your input in how we can improve these events and strengthen our partnership. Please take a few minutes to let us know how to best communicate with you and which parent involvement programs are making the biggest difference for your family.  Your answers will be completely anonymous.

    Click to access Parent Involvement Survey

    The results of the survey will be shared with teachers and administrators to enhance current programing or design new events to improve our partnership. Thank you for being actively engaged in your child’s learning and supporting our mission of being Student Focused and Future Driven.


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