Tornado - FEMA & Safe Room

The Tornado Safe Rooms are owned by the Monett School District and its first function is to provide protection for the students and staff during tornado and extreme high wind events during school hours.

In the event the shelters listed below are not available, please seek shelter at the Monett Community Shelter located on 603 County Road (Marshall Hill) in Monett.

Monett Elementary School

MES FEMA Shelter

FEMA Shelter

601 Learning Lane

Monett, MO

Monett Intermediate School


FEMA Shelter

710 9th Street

Monett, MO

Monett High School

MHS FEMA Shelter/Performing Arts Center

MHS FEMA Shelter

1 David Sippy Drive

Monett, MO

Severe Weather Knowledge Severe Weather Risk Categories Watches and Warning. Thunderstorms: no severe thunderstorms expected(lightning/flooding threats exist with all thunderstorms), 1-Marginal (MRGL): Isolated thunderstorms possible (limited in duration and/or coverage and/or intensity), 2-Slight (SLGT) Scattered severe storms possible. Short-lived and/or not widespread isolated intense storms possible. 3-Enhanced Numerous Severe storms possible (more persistent and/or widespread a few intense). 4-Moderate (MDT) Widespread severe storms likely, long-lived, widespread and intense, 5-HIGH (HIGH) Widespread severe storms expected long lived, very widespread and particularly intense.