Partially Placed Private or Homeschool Students

Homebound Instruction

IGBG: The Board of Education authorizes the use of homebound instruction when appropriate. Application for homebound instruction must be made through the school principal and approved by the superintendent or designee. Homebound instruction will be provided to:

  1. Any student with a medical condition who district personnel have determined would benefit from homebound instruction. Such determination will be made in consultation with the student's medical provider. The special education director or compliance officer will be notified if appropriate.

  2. Any student whose educational needs, as determined by district staff, are most appropriately and effectively met by homebound instruction.

  3. Any student with disabilities when the individualized education program (IEP) team or 504 team determines that homebound placement is appropriate.

The amount of instruction or supportive service provided through the homebound program shall be determined in relation to each student's educational needs and health. It will be necessary for the parents/guardians of the student to arrange a suitable place in the home or another location for homebound instruction.

At the time the student is placed on homebound services, the school principal will work with the parents/guardians and district personnel to create an appropriate plan for transition back to onsite services.