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Monett Schools is thrilled to share an update on the MO Beef Kids program. Monett Schools is a proud partner of the MO Beef Kids program. This year has been a successful year “beefing up” school lunches. Over the year, the Monett School District has received five donations from community members. The locally sourced beef is served throughout all campuses in several ways for students to enjoy.

MO BEEF Kids has created a Pasture to Plate curriculum designed for 5th-grade students this school year. The Pasture to Plate curriculum contains three lessons and a hands-on activity per lesson for students to better understand where their food is coming from. Katie Johnson, a GO CAPS student from Monett, worked to share these lessons for her CAPStone project. Katie expressed,” I really enjoy working with the 5th-grade students, and it is fun to see their excitement when learning more about agriculture.”

The MO Beef Kids program would not be possible without the support of the local farmers that donate beef. The donations and willingness to help make a difference in keeping this program going. Another key role in being able to provide locally sourced beef is the processor, Clouds Meats. They are a great partner in the program from scheduling appointments to delivering the finished beef to the school.

The goal for next year is to keep serving beef in the cafeterias and deliver the Pasture to Plate lessons to all 5th graders. If you would like to donate beef to the MO BEEF Kids program or learn more about how the program works, please reach out to Kailee Mallory 417-839-9609.