(BIST: Behavior Intervention Support Team)

Mission: to create a positive change toward a safe and productive learning environment for all.

The purpose of the BIST model is to partner with students when they are struggling and help them be accountable for their actions to make changes in their life. It is designed to TEACH and PROTECT students via grace and accountability so that students can demonstrate the Goals for Life and make good choices wherever they go!

Grace: MIS staff accepts every student just as they are. We accept all students, their problems, their pain, and their needs. To show students that we care and accept them, we will provide what students need, work to build a relationship with all of them, and hold them accountable for their actions. We will not lower behavior standards for any of our students, because we care about them too much and want them to be successful.

Accountability: MIS staff will also work to teach our students accountability for their actions. Students will be taught and expected to take ownership for any hurtful or disruptive behavior. Taking ownership may include completing a think sheet, in which students write what they did that was hurtful or disruptive, apologize to the adult and/or student, and accept consequences and support from adults. There are five levels to accountability: I did it, I'm sorry, It's a problem in my life, I accept the consequences and finally, I accept and need help.

We will also be teaching the Goals for Life, which we believe are important behavior goals that every student needs to be successful as an adult.

Goal 1:  I can make good choices even when I am mad (insert any emotion). Students need to know that emotions do not have to dictate how we react.

Goal 2:  I can be okay, even if others are not okay. We want students to know that they are in control of their own actions and words even if others around them are not doing the right thing or made them upset.

Goal 3: I can make good choices even if I don't want to do something (or if it's hard). We want students to understand the importance of following directions and expectations even if they aren't preferred or are too difficult

BIST Continuum


Every time a student is hurtful or disruptive, the adult will be providing one verbal reminder. If the student is still being hurtful or disruptive, the adult will move them to the next spot on the placement continuum. There may be times spots on the placement continuum are skipped based on student behaviors. The safety of students and staff is the number one priority.

Regular Seat: All students begin in their regular seats in their regular classroom. In this placement, students have no additional supervision or separation and can fully participate in class.

Safe Seat: The safe seat is a desk or table in their regular classroom that the student might request to sit at when he/she is struggling or the teacher might request the student sit there. This is a chance for a student to recognize their behavior so they can go back to their regular seat.

Buddy Room: The buddy room is a safe seat in another classroom that the teacher will request the student to move to if the student is hurtful or disruptive in the safe seat. In this placement, students have even more supervision and are completely separated from their regular class, but are still receiving instruction from another teacher. Students may be required to complete a think sheet or compose an apology.

Recovery Room: The recovery room is a separate room with multiple safe seats that the teacher will request the student to move to if the student is hurtful or disruptive in the buddy room. In this placement, students have even more supervision, are separated from any classroom, and are not receiving academic instruction from a teacher. Instead, they will be working independently on a think sheet and additional work sent by their teacher. Their classroom teacher will regularly check on these students to answer any questions the students might have. The recovery room teacher will be providing behavioral support and teaching to the student in this room.

Office/Home: Students will be sent home if they are hurtful or disruptive in the recovery room.

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