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The purpose of the MIS school counselor program is to empower and support our young learners on their journey of personal, academic, and social growth. We are dedicated to fostering a nurturing and inclusive environment where every child feels valued and understood. Through compassionate guidance, active listening, and collaboration with educators, parents, and the community, we strive to:

Nurture Emotional Well-being: We provide a safe space for students to express their feelings, develop emotional intelligence, and build resilience, enabling them to navigate the challenges of childhood with confidence.

Foster Academic Success: We facilitate academic achievement by offering guidance on study skills, goal setting, and problem-solving, helping students reach their full potential. Cultivate Positive Relationships: We promote healthy interpersonal relationships by teaching conflict resolution, empathy, and effective communication, creating a harmonious and respectful school environment.

Encourage Career Exploration: We introduce students to future possibilities by assisting them in exploring their interests and talents, setting career goals, and making informed educational choices. Champion Diversity and Inclusion: We celebrate diversity and foster an inclusive atmosphere where all students, regardless of their backgrounds, abilities, or identities, feel accepted and supported.

Collaborate with Stakeholders: We collaborate with teachers, parents, administrators, and community resources to ensure a holistic approach to student development, aligning our efforts for the benefit of every child.

Promote Wellness: We advocate for physical and mental well-being by providing resources, referrals, and guidance on topics such as nutrition, stress management, and healthy lifestyle choices.

In living our mission, we strive to empower our elementary school students to become resilient, compassionate, and confident individuals who are well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

View our 5th grade slideshow for Suicide Awareness and Prevention at https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1HbDkWBAvKOKb5CF7etH7xj1uUwgjGmST/edit#slide=id.g10aa59e7927_0_0

Deb Hamilton


School Counselor

Grades 4-5


Kourtney Brown


Student Success Coach

Grades 4-5