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Mission: The Mission of Care to Learn is to provide immediate funding to meet emergent health, hunger or hygiene needs so every child can be successful in school. 

Health: Care to Learn helps students keep their medical, dental and mental health appointments by providing cab vouchers or bus passes. Care to Learn has also purchased eyeglasses and hearing aids for students. By caring for students early, they will not experience development delays that will affect their ability to learn. 

Hunger: Care to Learn helps school personnel identify the characteristics of a hungry child - inactivity, lethargy, reduction, reproduction in play and exploration, impaired, acquisition of communication, reasoning and problem-solving skills. Nutritional meals are then provided to students through the popular backpack program as well as snack closets. Care to Learn also assists with the cost of school breakfast and lunches for students who may not qualify for the free and/or reduced lunch program but do not have the money for school meals. 

Hygiene: Care to Learn provides immediate access to basic hygiene items - brushed, combs, tissues, soap shampoo, deodorant, and toothbrushes. Though a confidential and simple voucher system, Care to Learn also provides new shoes, coats, underwear, socks and clothing. 

Care to Learn partners with school districts, various local businesses and other non-profits to meet the needs of our students. Please contact your school counselor, nurse or principal to find out more. 

If you would like to make a donation to Monett Care to Learn, you may visit Make sure to go to the "local chapter" drop down menu and put in Monett. 

Thank you for caring for our Cubs!