As reported in the media, there is a series of TikTok challenges going around. These challenges encourage students to complete specific tasks or challenges and post their success on social media.

The September challenge included "devious licks." It encouraged students to steal or destroy school property and post their success videos on TikTok. During this challenge, we had missing items and damaged school property. 

The October challenge involves “Slap a Teacher/Staff Member.” This challenge encourages students to slap a school staff member and post a video. Please talk to your children about this challenge and about social media in general. While something like this may seem like an innocent prank on the surface, assault, theft, and vandalism, are considered criminal activities. 

We have seen more upcoming monthly challenges being posted on social media. These challenges range from minor student infractions to more destructive and dangerous challenges. If you need support or resources, please contact your child’s school counselor or school resource officer. 

We encourage parents to speak to students about the dangers and consequences of participating in these challenges. Thank you for your support and understanding the impact these trends have on our school district and community. 

We appreciate your partnership in working to keep this trend out of Monett Schools. 

Monett Schools