New Students

We are excited to welcome new students to Monett R-1 Schools! We are holding our yearly New Student Enrollment Event at the Monett Elementary School on 601 Learning Lane in Monett. 

The New Student Enrollment Event will take place on Tuesday, August 3rd, through Thursday, August 6th, from 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM. If you are new to Monett and want to enroll all your children at the same time, this event is for you. We will have several helpers to ensure you have everything completed, and your questions are answered. 

Remember to bring your children's immunization record, proof of residency, and transcripts from the previous school. If you don't have transcripts of the prior school, do not stress. We have a system in place to ensure we get everything we need from the previous school. 

If you know of a new family in the area, invite them to this event. We want to make sure our new families in Monett have a smooth start, and their questions are answered.
We look forward to meeting our new students and their families! 

Monett R-I Schools

*We are in the process of putting together our Back-to-School plans. More information will be shared soon.