The district has instituted many new procedures over the past year to protect staff and students from Covid-19. Throughout the year, the district sought out guidance prior to making decisions. Our efforts have significantly reduced the number of positive cases as well as individuals requiring quarantine. Since January 1st, the district has documented 24 students that tested Covid positive. This number is dramatically down from the first semester.  The district has received many questions regarding ongoing protocols. This communication intends to convey our intentions for the remainder of this school year.

The district will respect and comply with the Masking Ordinance currently in force in the City of Monett. The ordinance expires on April 30th. If Monett officials extend the mandate, the school will likewise require masking for students and staff. If the mandate is not extended, the school will continue to require masking until Friday, May 7th. This will allow staff, students, and parents, time to adjust to the change in protocol. At that time, students and staff may mask if they choose, but will not be required, except when being transported by school bus. Monett contracts transportation services with Apple Bus. Their policy requires students to mask when transported. The district supports Apple Bus and will respect their decision by continuing to require masking unless notified to the contrary.  

The district will continue to monitor student/staff positive cases and quarantine. In the future, if cases spike, the district may reinstitute the mandate. We appreciate your support and efforts for this past year. Together, we have been successful in providing continuous learning opportunities for students. I ask for your continued support as we prepare for the final push until the end of the year.

Dr. Medlin

Interim Superintendent of Monett Schools