BOE Feb. 2021


On February 11, 2021, the Board of Education held a special meeting to review applications and select two community members to serve on the Board for the rest of the term, ending in April 2022. The Monett BOE is pleased to announce Mr. David Beckett and Dr. Jerry D. Roberts' appointment to fill the vacant seats.

 Mr. Beckett and Dr. Roberts are former BOE members who previously served for 12 years. They bring a wealth of knowledge that will significantly aid our BOE members.

 Board President, Mr. A.J. Bahl said, "I am pleased to welcome Mr. David Becket and Dr. Jerry Roberts back on the BOE. While it has been a challenging year, I am confident that with their leadership and support, we will continue to provide quality education to our Monett students.”

 Monett has a long line of respected and robust school leaders with tremendous community support. The Monett School District is in great hands,” said Dr. Medlin, Interim Superintendent.

 "It is a privilege to be back on the BOE and serve the Monett School District and community, '' said Mr. David Beckett. “I am excited to help give students the best learning tools to reach their maximum potential.”   

 "I am thrilled to, once again, be on the Monett Schools BOE. I am honored to work with respected school leaders and continue with the mission of serving quality and equitable education to all Monett students. I am happy to serve and do whatever I can to support our school system,” said Dr. Jerry Roberts.

 The Monett School District is delighted to welcome strong members to the Board of Education. Mr. Beckett and Dr. Roberts are respected Monett community members who have demonstrated exceptional commitment and leadership.

Thank you, 

Monett Schools