Summer School Enrollment Information


Did you know we are only two months and two weeks away from the first day of Summer School? We are excited to offer Summer School to students in grades K-12 in June. Summer school improves skill deficiencies and allows children to continue learning while engaging in fun summer activities. Students are eligible to receive up to a $100 gift card for perfect attendance. The deadline to sign up for Summer School is April 30, 2021. 

We have a few updates from the last letter sent out to parents about Summer School on March 5, 2021: 

  • The first day of Summer School is still June 1.

  • Summer School will now end on June 30 instead of July 1. 

  • Students will only be off two Fridays in June: June 18, and June 25.

  • We will provide bus transportation for students in grades K-12. Bus transportation will be available for students who return their completed summer school form by April 30th. Bus transportation will not be available for students who turn their summer school form in after April 30th. 

  • The Cub House Summer Workshop will be open from 3:00-6:00 pm each day Summer School is in session. 

  • The Cub House Friday Field Day Program will be held on June 18 and June 25 only.

  • The Cub House Workshop and Friday Field Day Programs will now offer bus transportation for students in grades K-6. 

  • Lunch and breakfast are FREE for all summer school students.

Bus Information

Students in grades K-2 must have someone meet them at the bus stop. Students that do not have someone waiting for them at the bus stop will be taken back to MES to participate in the Cub House until someone can pick them up. Older siblings, 3rd grade and up, are allowed to wait at the bus stop to pick up their K-2 siblings. 

Summer School Campus Information and Enrollment Forms  


Incoming Grades K-3

Doors open at 7:40 AM 

School Hours: 8:00-3:12 PM


Incoming Grades 4-8

Doors open at 7:35 AM

School Hours 7:53-3:05


Incoming Grades 9-12

Doors open at 7:40 AM

School Hours 8:00-3:12 PM

Grades K-6 are only accepting paper enrollment forms. Forms may be downloaded through the links below or you may pick up a paper copy at MES, CPE, and MIS. 

Download and print the enrollment form for incoming grades K-3:

Download and print the enrollment form for incoming grades 4-6:

Online Enrollment Form for Incoming Grades 7-8:

Online Enrollment Form for Incoming Freshmen only:

Online Enrollment Form for Incoming Grades 10-12:

If you have any questions, please call your child’s respective school office. We look forward to a June Summer School session full of learning and many adventures! 

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