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July 20, 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian:

We know that many in our community are wondering about the Monett R-I plans to reopen school this fall, we wanted to provide a quick update on our planning and process.

Below are some quick bullet points regarding the planning process:

  • We are developing a general overall plan based on suggestions from multiple sources and agencies. We will be adding more specific building plans as each campus design, and schedule will determine guidelines more detailed to their campus.
  • We will review parent and staff survey results this week on Thursday, July 23rd and conduct a 2nd reopening planning session with administration and our district nurse. We will then produce a follow-up survey based on these more specific plans and feedback we have received. This survey will include more detailed information regarding the option for Virtual Instruction and more specific onsite procedures we will have in place to help you as a parent to make a more informed decision.
  • Creating a concrete plan in a very fluid situation is complicated; please note that our plans may be modified as needed as more information becomes available. We know that parents, staff, and students want to know the plans; however, we have tried to find a balance of making plans while also reviewing updated information as we get closer to August 25th. We are very anxious to finalize some details, but it has proven to be challenging to finalize something that is changing so rapidly.
  • The full plan will be shared with with you when it is finalized.

We will also be participating in a reopening session with the Barry and Lawrence County Health Departments and other schools in our two counties. This session is specific to schools and the reopening process.

We want to create a plan that identifies, to the best of our ability, strategies to keep students, staff, and patrons safe. We appreciate your patience and support during this challenging process.

Russ Moreland
Superintendent of Schools