Multi-Purpose Synthetic Turf Field  Corporate Sponsorship Program

The Monett Athletics Department in partnership with the City of Monett, announced its mission to enhance the North Park Baseball and Softball Field by introducing a state-of-the-art plan for a dual-purpose synthetic turf and constructing an indoor facility locker room. 🫵To make this project a reality, the Monett R-1 Athletic Department is reaching out to the community for their generous support.

This innovative initiative aims to revolutionize the playing experience for athletes and teams utilizing the North Park Baseball and Softball field. By implementing a dual-purpose synthetic turf, the Athletics Department will not only improve the quality and durability of the area but also provide a versatile playing surface suitable for baseball and softball. An indoor facility locker room will further enhance the overall experience, offering a convenient space for athletes to get dressed, prepare and unwind before and after games.

To accomplish this extraordinary transformation, the Baseball and Softball Turf project offers local industries a limited number of exclusive opportunities to showcase their logos in various ways in the new field.

🫵By supporting this initiative, stakeholders have the power to make a lasting impact on the lives of countless individuals and contribute to the growth and prosperity of the Monett community as a whole.

You are invited to join this exciting endeavor and be part of the transformative project that will shape the future of sports in our area.

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