Burl Fowler Stadium Closing for Improvements

The Burl Fowler Stadium will be temporarily closed for improvements from Friday, June 30 to Friday, July 7. The improvements include resurfacing the field to improve its quality, safety, and performance. This process is also necessary to extend the field's lifespan. Once it's ready, we'll have to temporarily close the stadium again for stripping. Stripping refers to the process of making or painting the lines, symbols, and boundaries on the field and track surface. This step is completed after the resurfacing has cured for ten days.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this brief closure. We will continue to share updates on social media. 

We plan on closing the Burl Fowler Stadium twice this summer to complete all improvements successfully. We'll continue to share updates on social media. 

After the resurfacing, the field will be cured for ten days.