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DECA Membership Video

Mrs. Fannin's virtual open house

Marketing Program

Instructor: Trish Henry

Marketing is the philosophy of selling goods and services based on the belief that all business activities should be aimed toward satisfying customer wants and needs while achieving company goals and making money! Activities in Marketing include finding out about customers, offering products customer want, determining how much to charge, communicating with customers through promotion, and putting products where they need to be. You’ll learn about all these aspects of business in the Marketing Program! 

In this program, you’ll also be a member of DECA--an educational organization that develops professional leaders in the areas of marketing, business management, finance, and hospitality. In DECA you’ll have the opportunity to travel, compete, win awards, get scholarships and meet new friends from all over the world. DECA prepares students for their futures by teaching them how to be academically prepared, community-oriented and experienced professionals. 

In Marketing, you’ll also run the campus store--the Scotty Store. Being an employee in the Scotty Store allows fundraising for DECA trips, while also running a real business. You’ll learn about promotion, advertising, inventory management, pricing, and personal selling in a real-world business setting. 

You can earn up to 6 college credit hours by enrolling in Marketing. 

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