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Career Services assist students in obtaining meaningful career-related employment skills. By working with employers, community organizations, parents and our 14 sending schools we provide a network of opportunities for students to get “real-world” experience.

  • Job Shadowing is offered during the first semester for students interested in exploring the ‘real world’ experiences related to their program.

  • Employability Fair is an event that helps to set the foundation for a rewarding career. Students attend breakout sessions in the areas of employer expectations, personal development, life skills, and workplace behaviors.

  • Internships are offered to seniors in the second year of a program. This opportunity allows the students to be placed in a business/industry related field to practice the skills learned at the Career Center while being exposed to ‘real world’ experiences.

  • Focus on the Future is an event coordinated through career services. Business and industry representatives, colleges, technical schools and military recruiters attend to make available information regarding their specific industry and assist students in decisions about their future

  • The Work Experience Program enables students with disabilities to explore a variety of career interests. The process begins with interest inventories and assessments completed in the classroom. The coordinator follows up with job shadowing experiences for individual students based on assessment results and student desires. Long-term job training and employment opportunities are pursued in the local communities during the student’s final years of high school.

  • Do you have adult programs?

    • Scott Tech offers a series of Community Education courses in the spring and fall open to the community to help develop new skills, explore new career options, enhance workforce training, or take personal enrichment classes.

    • Online Courses are made available to meet the community/industrial needs on Ed2Go

    • Post Secondary Degree options designed for a student seeking a degree or college credit are available through Crowder College and William Woods University. Check the links to the respective schools for class schedules, registration, and calendar information.

    How does a student apply for and get accepted into a Scott tech program?
    Sophomores and interested juniors are invited to SRTC for an in depth tour and exploration of all programs offered. Students then complete an online application at their sending school, which are reviewed by their school counselors and forwarded to SRTC. Applications are then reviewed by SRTC instructors, and student interviews are held either in person, by phone, or online. Priority is given to students who are pursuing career fields in the programs they have applied to.

    How do students get to Scott Tech from their home school?
    Each sending school provides bus transportation to and from Scott Tech on a daily basis. Students are not allowed to drive their personal vehicles to Scott Tech without expressed written permission from their parents and home school principal.

    How are instructors certified in Career and Technical Education?
    Career Education teachers are certified by the Missouri department of elementary and secondary education to work in Career-Technical Centers and programs such as nursing, automotive, occupational family and consumer science, and trade/industrial fields. Certification is based on occupational work experience.

    How many credits does a student earn at Scott Tech?
    Students can earn 3 credits per year in their program. Students who are seniors, or juniors who are enrolled in Health Occupations or Marketing can earn one Communication Arts credit in addition to the 3 program credits, which will count toward their graduation requirements. Students who complete a two-year program can earn 7 credits total. Many programs also offer dual, articulated, and credit by exam credits through colleges.

    What is the Embedded Communication Arts program and how does it work?
    The Embedded Communication Arts Program allows students who complete 12 specific Communication Arts objectives. Each objective must be mastered at a 70% or higher rate. This course is embedded within another technical class, and students can earn a maximum of 1.0 credit over a two-year period. Seniors or students in one-year programs may do the accelerated one-year program to earn a maximum of 1.0 credit.