• Central Park Elementary Recovery Room

    The CPE Recovery Room is a classroom used for many purposes to help our students:

    Recovery: Students are sent to recovery if they are hurtful or disruptive in their classroom, in the safe seat, and in the buddy room. Students in recovery are expected to sit quietly at a desk, complete their think sheet, and complete additional work given by their teacher. Students in recovery will bring their think sheet home to be signed by their parents/guardians, and their teachers will call home to explain why the students were in recovery.

    Interventions: Students who are struggling with the BIST skills for life (1. I can make good choices when I am mad. 2. I can be okay when others are not okay. 3. I can do something even if I don't want to (or if it's hard).) might spend time in the recovery room to practice those skills with the recovery room teachers.

    Cool down: Some students might need a break to calm down when they are mad or frustrated. The recovery room has a mini trampoline, punching bags, rice, sand, and other sensory materials to help students release some physical energy or calm down before returning to class.

    Rewards: The recovery room also has lots of games, books, and art supplies for students who have earned special rewards. Individual students or classes might be working toward a reward in the recovery room based on behavior or academic goals.