• Special Topic in History: History Through Film

    Many people seem to get their "facts" about history from the movies. But how accurate is that information? In this course we will look at several Hollywood movies that were "based on a true story" and attempt to determine how factual they really are. This course will give students the opportunity to compare actual historical events with their Hollywood counterparts. It will also give students a chance to expand their knowledge of selected events in history.


    The class will consist of viewing films based on multiple time periods and topics from history. (The Civil War, The American West, Prohibition/Great Depression, WW2, The Civil Rights Movement, The Cold War, English History, Sports, and Modern Times). After each film students will be assessed through different projects that will show;

    -knowledge of event portrayed

        -historical inaccuracies

        -important missing events

        -impact of event on history

        -reception of movie by critics/personal response to movie


    For more detailed information, please see the syllabus below. Parents and/or guardians can also request the code for the google classroom the students will see by emailing me at:



  • History Through Film


    Course: Special Topics in History; History Through Film


    Instuctor: Mr. Nunemaker                                    Email: anunemaker@monettschools.org


    Materials needed:  Computer, writing utensil, paper.

    Teaching:    This class will consist of lecture, discussion, videos, projects, research and group work. All necessary class items/information can be found in the google classroom page.

    Grades:     Grades will consist of multiple types of projects and a midterm that will reflect the knowledge you have learned during the class. 


    After each movie you will show understanding with a project. Projects will all have expected due dates once assigned. These will be graded in a timely fashion. Any missing practice or assessment will be entered as a “0”. Students will be given until one week from the end of the quarter/semester to turn everything in. 


    Notes/suggestions will be given upon return of projects. If you wish to fix any issues with the project you may do so. It is important that you tell or email Mr. Nunemaker of those improvements.


    Mr. Nunemaker’s Resource Schedule:

    Mods 1-2 & 8 Everyday

    Mods 16-17 Tuesday

    Mods 3-4 Wednesday

    Website:    Make sure to join Mr. Nunemaker’s Google classroom page. All assignments and information related to the class can be found there. This is also the best place to keep up to date with what is going on in class, even when absent.

    Email:        Feel free to use google classroom or Mr. Nunemaker’s email if you have questions regarding any information needed for the class.



    Attendance:    Students are to be in their seat and prepared (paper, pencil, laptop, assignment, etc.) as soon as possible. If a student is not ready to immediately start class, 5 minutes into the mod, they will be considered tardy. If you do forget something you may take a tardy to go get it out of your locker.

    Tardies:    After the 6th tardy of a semester the student will receive disciplinary action from the office. Remember that tardies are combined throughout all your classes.


    Plagiarism Policy: Because of easy accessibility to and “borrowing” of electronic and other forms of information, plagiarism has become a major educational concern. 

    Plagiarism arises out of the following research/writing/homework activities:

    • Deliberate incorporation (or cutting and pasting) of another source’s material-words, pictures, ideas, theories, products-without proper acknowledgement of that source
    • Intentional or unintentional copying/sharing of peer work (daily assignments, presentations, PowerPoints, in-class work, etc…)

    Because plagiarism is both ethically and legally wrong, none of these activities are acceptable in the classroom.  Following are the consequences of a detected plagiarism:

    Academic Practice

    First offense - zero on the work and ineligibility for National Honor Society selection during the current school year. If already a member of NHS, the student will be removed from the organization.

    Subsequent Offenses - same as first offense plus referral to the assistant principal for additional consequences.

    Academic Assessment:

    All offenses - The student must complete an alternate assessment after school and serve three detentions. The student will be ineligible for selection to National Honor Society in the current year. If already a member of NHS, the student will be removed from the organization.

    Classroom Management: This classroom is based on respect. Be respectful to yourself, fellow students, and instructors. Not only will you be learning about events in history, but learning real life skills. Whether you are the boss or an employee you will need to learn to work appropriately and effectively with others. This starts now and it start with being respectful. Please remember that any school wide rules apply to the class. Hats/hoodies, sleeping, cell phones usage, etc. should all be followed in this class as they would in all your classes.


    Consequences:    1st Offense – Polite warning

                2nd Offense – Last warning, confiscation of cell phone, detention, etc.

                3rd Offense – Removal to principal’s office


    Any severe disruptions such as defying the instructor, swearing, fighting, defacing school property, etc., and you will immediately be removed from the classroom.