Mr. Nunemaker

    Email:  anunemaker@monettschools.org

    Psychology: The study of the mind to understand behavior, thinking, and emotions in order to predict people’s actions.

    Course Description:

    The course begins with an introduction to psychology and an examination of history and key figures in the development of the field.

    The course also examines the stages of psychological development while learning how our memory and learning impact our personality. We will then learn about psychological disorders, and how they affect individuals.

    Lastly we will explore real life uses for psychology and career fields available to those interested in the subject.


    Course Goals

    At the end of this course the student will be able to:       

    1. Identify major contributors to the field of Psychology.
    2. Explain basic methods of psychological research.
    3. Outline the principles involved in sensation and perception.
    4. Understand the principles and techniques surrounding conditioning.
    5. Describe and evaluate personality differences and emotion.
    6. Summarize the major causes, symptoms, and treatment of various psychological disorders.

    Materials needed:  Computer, writing utensil, paper.

    Teaching:    This class will consist of lecture, discussion, videos, projects, research and group work. All necessary class items/information can be found in the google classroom page.

    Grades:     Grades will consist of daily practice, tests, and projects that will reflect the knowledge you have learned during the class. 

    Assessment and Reassessment: 

    Daily practices, projects, and assessments will all have expected due dates once assigned. These will be graded in a timely fashion. Any missing practice or assessment will be entered as a “0”. Students will be given until one week from the end of a unit to reassess. To reassess on a test a student must have all practice assignments turned in and completed.


    Website:    Make sure to join Mr. Nunemaker’s Google classroom page. All assignments and information related to the class can be found there. This is also the best place to keep up to date with what is going on in class, even when absent. Assignments will not only be titled, but numbered for easy reference when comparing grades to assignments.


    Email:        Feel free to use google classroom or Mr. Nunemaker’s email if you have questions regarding any information needed for the class.



    Attendance:    Students are to be in their seat and prepared (paper, pencil, laptop, assignment, etc.) as soon as possible. If a student is not ready to immediately start  class, 5 minutes into the mod, they will be considered tardy.

    Plagiarism Policy: Don’t do it. Electronic documents leave a “trail”. I know when they have been shared and can check each edit that has been made to the document. Because plagiarism is both ethically and legally wrong, none of these activities are acceptable in the classroom.  Following are the consequences of a detected plagiarism:

    Academic Practice

    First offense - zero on the work and ineligibility for National Honor Society selection during the current school year. If already a member of NHS, the student will be removed from the organization.

    Subsequent Offenses - same as first offense plus referral to the assistant principal for additional consequences.

    Academic Assessment All offenses - The student must complete an alternate assessment after school and serve three detentions. The student will be ineligible for selection to National Honor Society in the current year. If already a member of NHS, the student will be removed from the organization.

    Classroom Management: This classroom is based on respect. Be respectful to yourself, fellow students, and instructors. Not only will you be learning about psychology, but learning real life skills. Whether you are the boss or an employee, you will need to learn to work appropriately and effectively with others. This starts now and it start with being respectful. Please remember that any school wide rules apply to the class. Hats/hoodies, sleeping, cell phones usage, etc. should all be followed in this class as they would in all your classes.

    “The purpose of psychology is to give us a completely different idea of the things we

     know best”    -Paul Valery (French Poet)