The purpose of the dress guidelines is to provide an atmosphere conducive to an educational environment and to reflect an image to fellow students, faculty, alumni, parents, and others that shows pride in self and in school.
    Students should follow the standard of dress showing modesty, cleanliness, and neatness. It is hoped that each student and his/her parents will assume a personal responsibility and will make a conscientious effort to follow these guidelines:
    Girls: Dress length may reflect changes in fashion but MUST NOT violate modesty. Any article of clothing that shows bare skin or underclothing above mid-thigh may not be worn to school. Crop tops, tank tops, halter tops, midriffs, and spaghetti straps are not allowed. Short shorts and cut-offs are not allowed. Undergarments are not to be visible at any time.
    Boys:  Any article of clothing that shows bare skin or underclothing above mid-thigh may not be worn to school. Muscle shirts, cut-offs, and short shorts are not allowed. Undergarments are not to be visible at any time.
    Clothing designed to attract attention and create a classroom disturbance will not be allowed. Shoes with wheels are not allowed. No gang related apparel is allowed (see Anti-“Gang/Secret Society Policy). Shirts, t-shirts, caps, patches, belt buckles, etc. that have slogans representing drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or sexually suggestive messages (sexual harassment) are not permitted. Hats, caps, bandannas, etc. are not to be worn while inside the buildings. The dress code prohibits any apparel, jewelry, accessory, notebook, or manner of grooming which by virtue of its color, arrangement, trademark, or any other attribute, denotes membership in such a group that advocates drug use or exhibits behaviors that interfere with the normal and orderly operation of school.
    Body piercing, face painting, facial hair,dyed hair, tattoos, etc. shall not present a safety risk or create a disturbance of the educational process. If, upon the administrator's judgment, the appearance is detrimental to the school's learning environment, an adjustment, covering, or removal can be requested.