Central Park Art

    Instructor: Ms. Amy Green

    Art students study drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, fibers and printmaking, collage, and digital art, as well as lessons that include art history, discussions about art ideas and theory.

    Students are encouraged to research and collaborate on art projects, and they enjoy the challenge of a choice-based art classroom, where they plan and create artwork from their own experiences.


    At Central Park, individuality and expression are what make our students' artwork so amazing!


  • FFF 11-14-19

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  • FFF 4-15-19

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  • FFF 11-15-18

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  • MMM for 5-7-18

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  • MMM 4-1-18

    brought to you by your specials!

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  • Video: Kumihimo 16 String MOVEMENT Only

    ​​Remember you only have 3 steps:   1.  Move the TOP RIGHT string to the BOTTOM RIGHT. 2.  Move the BOTTOM LEFT string to the TOP LEFT. 3.  Rotate counterclockwise to the next string set.  (Repeat steps 1-3.) Remember to concentrate and pay attention.  One mistake can mess up your pattern. To take a break, just do STEP 1 and stop.  That will leave you with one string on top and three on the bottom. You will then know where you left off and you can continue with STEP 2 when you resume work. Watch the video below.  Notice how I am starting on STEP 2 and ending on STEP 1. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_Vqbq_HHnXFSDRnckN2NG1uRnM 16 string patterns: Stripes, cross-hatch and stripe/dot Hearts, diamond, flower,…

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  • 7-String Kumihimo

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  • Graphite Transfer

    Watch how to create symmetrical artwork using a simple graphite transfer!  

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  • Choice-based Art Stations

    After many weeks of experimenting with materials and learning the common routines of a studio classroom, we are finally moving around at choice based stations.  Students are currently exploring drawing, painting, collage, fibers, and paper sculpture.  They have been learning about common themes, which is a great way to introduce stations.  Third Graders have tackled Group Identity and Community, fourth graders are creating artwork about Time or Missouri.  Fifth grade's themes are United States, Patriotism, World and Time.  Sixth graders are exploring personal identity, rites of passage, decoration, and other functions of art in culture, like teaching history.  It is fascinating to see how different individuals approach a common theme through different art media.  Stay tuned for more…

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  • Polar Grid

    Check out this short video for instructions on filling out a polar grid.  There are blank polar grid worksheets in the file section to the right.  

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  • Green, Amy