• Campus Conduct Hot Line

    Introducing Campus Conduct Hot Line:  Your Campus-wide Safety Net!

    Campus Conduct Hot Line is a confidential, independent, call-in service that provides a simple, anonymous way for you to help preserve the values and reputation of Monett R-1 School District.  One click on the button from you can alert Monett R-1 Administration of problems that may affect the entire campus community.

    The Campus Conduct Hot Line is not an emergency line and does not replace any services currently offered on campus.  In case of an emergency please call 911, law enforcement, or contact your school administrator.


  • Directions for using buttons below:


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  • Please Read Before Clicking on a Campus Conduct Hot line Button:

    Campus Conduct Hot Line button offers an easy, comfortable way to report activity or behavior you may observe or experience on campus that is harmful, unethical, questionable, or causes you or someone else personal injury.  When should you click on a Campus Conduct Hot Line button?You should click on the Campus Conduct Hot Line button if you experience or observe any of the following:*  Bullying or Cyber bullying  *  Fraud or crime*  Sexual harassment*  Discrimination*  Safety or facility risk issues*  Security and Internet policy abuses*  Code of Conduct violations*  Any other questionable behaviorClick on one of the three (3) options of Campus Contact Hot Line buttons below:  All 3 options are available on the mobile app via iTunes.) Calling and texting are available on mobile app only. To call, click here: To email, click here: To text, click here:                                                                    In case of an emergency, please call 911, law enforcement, or contact your local school administrator. When reporting an incident, please include as much detail as possible about the problem or situation. Please include time and location of the incident and any other helpful…

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