• Portfolio Art

    Instructor: Mrs. Elizabeth Wallsmith
    Email: ewallsmith@g-apps.monett.k12.mo.us

    Materials needed for class: pencil every day, spiral notebook or sketchbook. You may want additional materials for personal preference and use.

    Course Description

    Art Portfolio is a college-level art experience. This is a course designed for the student who is seriously interested in the practical experiences of visual art. An independent study class for students who wish to continue to build their portfolio; this course is based on an area of focus chosen by the student (generally the type of art or media in which the student works best). Students are expected to follow an intense schedule as they work independently and will be expected to create work for public display.

    • In this class students will keep an artist journal to explore artistic process, experiment with materials and analyze work.
    • There will be assignments that the students will decide how they will complete the artwork and the medium they will use.
    • Through experimentation and refinement, each person will create a body of work that includes observational drawing, mixed media and a variety of self-chosen media.

    The studio environment of the class will be used to support analysis, reflection and refinement of work. In Art portfolio, emphasis will be placed on contemporary art.

    We will visit local galleries and museums to assist in providing inspiration and exposure to the world of art.

    All portfolio students are expected to enter art contests and showings as encouraged by the teacher and do include participation points and possible winnings-such as ribbons and medals. This includes entering in Big 8 through the Portfolio category.

    Course Goals:

    1. Develop creative alternatives to problem solving by encouraging a balance between intuitive and cognitive thinking skills.
    2. To encourage self-confidence, self-awareness and personal growth through the manipulation of art tools and media appropriate to individual abilities.
    3. To increase physical skills in the use of art related techniques, tools and media.
    4. To increase visual art vocabulary and to demonstrate knowledge and appreciation toward the past and present role of visual arts in society.
    5. To encourage and enable practical uses of artistic skills and knowledge in personal life, career, and community.

    Course Objectives:

    • Reinforce the four disciplines involved in art education: production, art history, aesthetics and art criticism.
    • Stress depth in personal reflection, understanding personal expression.
    • Reinforce understanding of the Elements and Principles of Design.
    • Add knowledge of the vocabulary and terminology in art.
    • Study the history behind many of the old and modern artists, era; that will influence your work.
    • Continue to develop your aesthetic taste for what is good artwork and why.
    • Finally, evaluate your own work through artist statements, rubrics or other evaluations.

    Leadership: Students are required to help maintain a working studio. This responsibility includes being accountable for own materials and work space. Additionally, students will be assigned to a group to supervise weekly classroom upkeep.

     To view the syllabus, click on the link below.