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  •                                                                        SNUGGLE IN AND READ DAY

    On Friday, January 24th wear your comfy pjs or sweatpants/sweatshirt.  Grab your favorite stuffed animal, bring your favorite book from home and enjoy a day of reading with your class!                                                     

                                                                            Learn to LOVE books!


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  •                                                                               Smencils Are Here!

    Central Park will be selling Smencils as one of our fundraisers this year.  Smencils will be sold each morning until 7:50 and will cost $1.00 each. We do ask that students bring the exact amount of money in case change is limited. 


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  • What is a Proficiency Scale?

     A proficiency scale is a way for students, parents, and teachers to have a shared language to talk about learning goals.

    Students and parents are able to look at a proficiency scale and determine what it is that the student is expected to learn as they work toward achieving grade level expectations.

     What do the numbers mean?

     3: They have got it.  Students are completing work on grade level.  They are showing that they have developed a mastery of the expected skills for their grade level.  This is the goal for students.

     2.5: Almost there.  Students are completing all of the prerequisite skills on their own and have mastered some of the grade level skills.  

     2.0: They have got the basics.  Students are able to complete all of the prerequisite skills on their own but they have not mastered any of the on grade level skills.

     1.5: Starting to get the basics.  Students may have learned some of the basic skills, but are still missing a few.

     1.0: With guidance.  Students are able to complete the basic skills with some help.  

     0.5:  Beginning.  Students need to be guided through the process of completing the prerequisite skills.

     0:  Not attempting.  Students are not attempting the work even with assistance.

     If 3.0 represents on grade-level, why does the proficiency scale have a 3.5 and 4.0?

    Sometimes students will develop a deeper understanding of a skill and will be able to apply their understanding of the skills to a level beyond what is expected at their grade level.  We want to ensure that in those cases students learning is able to be represented appropriately.

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